Under the Spanish sun enjoy the relaxing creative process of carving Soapstone.

In this workshop you will work with soapstone. Soapstone is a very accessible soft stone in beautiful colours. The working of Soapstone is suitable for everyone, with or without experience. Under guidance you will work on soapstone to create a beautiful image. You will be explained how to choose a stone, how to use the various files and how to turn an idea into a beautiful result. We will start the process with the use of various types of files and before finishing we will polish the image so that it shines beautifully. From the outside it looks like a rough dull stone, but once polished you'll see how beautiful Soapstone is. There are many types and colors of Soapstone available.

With soapstone it is possible to make a small sculpture or a nice jewelry in one workshop. The pieces of soapstone are a bit smaller and therefore you can make a work of art in one workshop. Ideal for an outing with a visit or during your holiday in Spain. But also to try out if working with soapstone is something for you. There are also larger pieces of soapstone available, so you can make a larger sculpture in several workshops.

During this workshop we will work under the Spanish sun in the charming Spanish village Hondón de las Nieves. The workshop Soapstone Carving takes 4.5 hours and includes materials, drinks and a delicious lunch. This all costs only €25,- . Interested? Please check our agenda to see if there is any place available during a planned workshop.

Experience a fun creative day as a group of friends or with family. This workshop is also suitable to book as a group. For more information or possibilities, please fill in the the contact form. If you don't live in Spain and would like to work with soapstone under the Spanish sun. Please have a look on; Weekend Soapstone Carving

Daniëlle van Leeuwen.

Bird of soapstone
Workshop Carving Soapstone