Enjoy under the Spanish sun of the creative process of sculpting in Spanish Natural stone.

In this workshop you will work with local Spanish Natural stone or Spanish Albaster Under guidance you will work on these stones to create a beautiful image. We will start the process with an explanation of how to choose a stone, how to use the tools and how to turn an idea into a beautiful result. Attention will also be paid to your posture during editing. After using the chisels and beater / hammer, the files will appear and then we will polish the image so that it shines beautifully.

During this workshop we will work under the Spanish sun in the charming Spanish village Hondón de las Nieves. The workshop Sculpting in Stone takes 4.5 hours and includes materials, drinks and a delicious lunch. This all costs only €25,- . Interested? Please check our agenda to see if there is any place available during a planned workshop.

For this way of sculpting you need at least 5 workshops to make an sculpture. If you don't live in Spain and would like to work with soapstone under the Spanish sun. Please have a look on; Holiday Sculpting in Stone

Daniëlle van Leeuwen